We had a great experience working with Phoenix

Pheonix worked very patiently with our 1 year old auction rescue. Alki ( our filly ) was completely feral when Pheonix began working with her and there is no denying the incredible difference that she has made with her. Alki went from bolting every time you looked at her to letting visitors hand feed her snacks! In the last few weeks she has been able to be turned out in the big arena, brushed, lunged, and hand walked all over!! All in all we had a great experience working with Pheonix. We would defiantly recommend her to anyone looking for an experienced professional!

~ Rachel T.

Phoenix is a wonderful teacher

Phoenix is a wonderful teacher and all around great person. I’m an “older” rider trying to get back into the dressage I used to do in my younger days and she’s helping me make it happen! I LOVE riding and she has the perfect horse for me. It couldn’t be better. Thank you Phoenix!

~Krista L.

A top notch trainer

Phoenix is a top notch trainer. She is very good at what she does. She makes riding fun too!

~Blythe P.

Beautiful person inside and out

We love Pheonix she is an amazing trainer and a beautiful person inside and out. We couldn't be any happier thank you Pheonix for all you do.

~Lily M.

Fun to work with

Phoenix is great! She is so knowledgeable, professional, and fun to work with.

~Robin C.